Our philosophy

Teaching principles and methodology

GEMS Public School believes that each child is unique and this acceptance allows for a differentiated curriculum based on strengths, interests, pace of learning and clearly defined goals. Empathetic, experienced and passionate educators create learning environments and experiences which are enabling and challenging. These educational programs foster independent thinking, a sense of enquiry, creativity and innovation amongst students. Students apply their knowledge to solve real world problems picked up from their immediate surroundings, strengthening their understanding of concepts and their ability to observe, to process information and present learning in multiple ways.

We believe that children learn best when they make connections and observe patterns across different disciplines of learning. The ICSE curriculum encourages the use of  integrated and theme-based instruction which weaves together multiple disciplines, both curricular and co curricular. Our educational approach enables individual attention and a completely child centric approach where each student is able to recognize and nurture their true potential.