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From the principal’s desk


The world around us is changing at an exponential rate with the advances in technology, science, communication and unlimited access to information. We are preparing the children for an unpredictable future and as educators the following questions gives us the reasons to pause & reflect, help define our approaches and practices & propel our journey forward:

  • What is the fundamental role of a school in raising empowered, empathetic and confident individuals?
  • If our children have to thrive and succeed in their future, what are the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values which are critical to learn?
  • What are the ways of learning and teaching that will make their time in school most fruitful?

Our mission is to help children communicate and connect with the world around them using their potential, strength and possibilities. The wider the range of possibilities offered, the more intense will be their motivation and richer will be their experiences. As a school we ensure that empathy and self-belief are the bookends of this journey for each child.

As the children discover the magic of the world around them, they develop essential skills of learning to learn through questioning, exploring, observing, finding patterns and making connections. The child innovates, collaborates, formulate theories and validates them to solve real world challenges and problems and make decisions. They learn to believe in their ideas and opinions. They also learn the skill of respecting multiple perspectives, being open to new ideas and appreciate diversity.

At GEMS Public School Indore, we draw the best talent and minds from all walks of life, to help nurture our students’ potential to the fullest. Our educators are experienced and sensitive to learning needs. They are skilled at observing each child, understand the ways in which they learn best and then design learning experiences which are meaningful and engaging. They create opportunities which help spark the spirit of enquiry and a sense of wonder and excitement for new learning.

Our educational approaches leverage effectively the use of new age technology, established best practices in teaching learning and assessment and high quality resources to ensure academic excellence and all round development of each child.

I strongly believe that partnerships with parents and connection with the local community are essential to meet the demands and challenges of 21st century education. Only when we all collaborate can we build a school as a Centre for Excellence for our children.

Let’s continue to ignite the spark of love for learning for our children.

Shaheen Shafi
Sr. Principal
GEMS Public School, Indore

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